The Detroit-Superior Bridge
Connectivity Plan

Consultant Team

As a way to gather information, determine the needs and assets of the surrounding area, and consider the impact that a completed Bridge Project would entail for a variety of stakeholders, there are multiple collaborative efforts underway.

The consultants for the project include:

Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative ( will lead the public engagement process and focus on the urban connectivity issues related to bicycling and pedestrian access through the bridge.

Cypress Research Group ( who will interview and begin to assess the needs of the arts and cultural community.

Levin Ventures who will further engage the arts community to determine a “needs assessment” for a possible performance space on the bridge.

Coral Strategies, LLC ( will interview key stakeholders and property owners around the bridge to determine types of development that may be missing on or near the bridge.

Environmental Design Group ( will conduct a traffic and parking analysis, given current and future development in the area.