The Detroit-Superior Bridge
Connectivity Plan


“Because the human being
is the connecting creature
who must always separate
and cannot connect
without separating – that
is why we must first
conceive intellectually
of the merely indifferent
existence of two river
banks as something
separated in order to
connect them by means of a
~Georg Simmel,
“Bridge & Door”

What if...

...and you’re invited! The Cuyahoga County Department of Public Works opens the lower level of the Detroit-Superior Bridge to the public only a few times per year, and Saturday, July 7 the bridge will be open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tours are free and open to the public to allow visitors to take in unique views of the city and experience one of Cleveland’s most treasured pieces of infrastructure. The County will be presenting on the background and history of the bridge, while the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative will engage visitors through a presentation of their current work on the bridge and will ask for your input on its future. Stations throughout the bridge will engage, invoke, and help visitors envision a possible future for the bridge. The main entry point for the bridge will be a the west entrance, by the Department of Public Works Garage, located at the corner of W. 25th St. and Detroit Ave. at 2433 Superior Viaduct. We hope to see you there!